Chesterfield furniture is definitely the essence and an icon of British furniture and lifestyle. Over the centuries Chesterfields have withstood an influx of modern trends adopting to new architectural styles in effect they can suit the latest surroundings. Nowadays the Chersterfield sofas and armchairs are much more than only classic, old fashioned styles.

Chesterfields are being crafted to fit both traditional country homes and stylish living rooms but they can also appear as an exceptional addition to contemporary interiors in hotels, offices, reception rooms, conference rooms and clubs.

Being furniture retailer we are proud to feature this unusual range of Chesterfield sofas, armchairs, corner units and accessories, all of them are hand crafted in accordance with traditional British standards of Chesterfield craftsmanship.

Looking after every detail and usage of carefully selected materials enable us to present the original range of Chesterfield furniture as its best. Let us inspire you with this English elegance and distinction.